The most beautiful landfill in the world

Regarding the plastic waste that people hate, the harm does not have to be said. Since their negative effects on the environment have been continuously revealed, many artists around the world have begun to use this material to make various works, aiming to arouse public attention to plastic pollution, but like Dianna Cohen, fifteen years If you practice the art of plastic garbage in one day, I am afraid that the world will be the only one.

The multimedia visual artist, painter and curator from Los Angeles has so far held many roadshows in North America, Europe, and Australia. His well-known expression is to recycle plastic bags in two-dimensional and three-dimensional patterns. Stitching various shapes and shapes. To put it bluntly, her creative approach is simple: collect plastic bags and plastic products of various shapes, sizes and colors, and then stitch them together. Cohen’s work will “expropriate” many packaging plastics with logos and patterns. “The relationship between this material and the market and advertising culture is always there. It is inevitable and fixed in my work. The graphic text on plastic bags is often It affects the theme of a piece of material, but as they blend into the color background, it becomes as unrecognizable as the subconscious.”

Apparently Cohen is a senior environmental activist in the action group. She proposed “four R” – refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle (reject, reduce, reuse, recycle) and co-founded the “Plastic Pollution Alliance” with others. “Organization, its mission is to stop plastic pollution and its toxic pollution to humans, the environment and wildlife. She can also be seen in the Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) EcoZone project. She is also very active in public speaking and is willing to describe to the audience the story of the “plastic vortex” of the ocean.

However, Cohen’s impressed talent is mainly because she can handle these plastics with artistic beauty, and will continue to expand the use of these materials, such as making plastic bags into exquisite clothes (not to remind me of the recent The designer competition “Overpass” has been chasing, and in several seasons there have been challenges for players to cut fashion with plastic. These geeks are very popular, and a popular group, The Ditty Bops, put on the stage of Cohen’s sewing in the performance of the Henry Fonda Theatre in 2007.

She is very popular in the celebrity circle, and Hollywood veteran movie star Ed Begley (who is very fond of Cohen’s plastic ready-to-wear) commented on her: “Dianna’s work, in my opinion, is the highest art form… can help us Realizing that these plastics are ubiquitous and understand why we must seriously think about the final disposal of the waste. She reminds us that if we don’t use recycled materials, we are not really recycling. These works not only look beautiful, but also Express something that makes us all want.”

I also found that a big gossip is Dianna Cohen’s long-time lover, rock star Jackson Browne (in the early years, it was a small fresh folk, and later co-wrote the best-selling song “Take It Easy” with “Eagle” member Glenn Frey, and was selected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The two eventually became genus, and there are pictures to prove –

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