Put on the “Bodyguard” sleeves, the combat power is no longer only 5

The people’s police can carry electric shock sticks or pistols with them so that they can always confront thieves and robbers. Even if they are freehand, they will have the upper hand. But our civilian population is different. In the face of criminals with swords and guns, we have no strong resistance. Therefore, women will put anti-wolf sprays, electric sticks and other self-defense devices in the bag to prevent accidents, but I think their effect is absolutely not as strong as the sleeves called “Bodyguards” below.

[“Bodyguard” sleeves wear effect]

David Brown, the inventor of the “Bodyguard” sleeve, is a photographer, editor and producer who specializes in films about musicians. One day he talked with his friends. If he meets a tiger in the mountains, will you take up arms (such as a knife or a gun) and fight with it, or discard his hand to escape? Then he came up with the idea of making a strong armor.

So how embarrassing is this armor?

1. Its appearance is shocking enough. Once you wear it, you don’t know what professional bodyguard you are from, and the average person is absolutely far away;

2. The function of a flashlight can illuminate the alleys of your home;

3. Can discharge high-voltage electricity (that is, the two protruding electrodes in the picture), if someone really is not afraid of dying to harass you, first make him a whole body soft and then say;

4. It is possible to emit laser light, because it does not know the power of the laser, so its attack power cannot be estimated, but it is well known that the laser can cause damage to the eyes;

5. If unfortunately the above measures don’t work, then use the built-in camera to take the suspect’s appearance down. Then hand it over to the police or by the way to the Internet, the efficiency of human flesh search is now very high.

The “Bodyguard” sleeve weighs 3 pounds and has a pull pin on the sleeve. When it is opened, it can be seen to control the button that emits high voltage. The buttons for controlling the camera and the laser pointer are also in the pull pin. However, the “Bodyguard” sleeve is still in the experimental stage, and it will take some time to see it in the market.

[“Bodyguard” sleeve design]

In fact, wearing a “bodyguard” sleeve in the winter is quite a wind, but it seems a bit gusty in the hot summer. And from another angle of thinking, the criminals seem to have more weapons that can intimidate the weak.

Image and source of information: walyou

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