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The dragon is one of the most powerful species of creatures created by humans using fantasy. It is the source of nightmares and the dream of children. They travel through time and space, are the descendants of the chaotic Lord Diamat, who fights with the Babylonian god Marduk in the sea, are the sleepless guards who protect the golden apple and the golden wool, the poisonous monsters that smash the tree of the world, is St. George The hero saves the victim of beauty.

However, in the historical documents and religious records, the face of the dragon is ambiguous. Until the modern era, their true face was discovered by fantasy writers. In the eyes of these tireless scholars, dragons can have a thousand appearances.

Natural war weapon

According to Tolkien’s epic “The Elf Diamond”, the dragon is the creation of the konjac. The devil, the sorcerer, is the strongest secondary god of Iluvita, the father of all beings, but his heart is proud of his heart and evil thoughts, and he enters the evil way; and that Sauron, who is known to later generations, is nothing more than a konjac. Just now. In the distant first century, Konjas was trapped in the old nest by the powerful and rebellious Nodo spirits and allies. The half-orcs under his hand were too weak to defeat the army of justice, thus creating a powerful dragon. War weapons.

Glaurung assault of: Justin Gerard

The first dragon is called Glaurung, which is also known as the “Fire Dragon of the North.” This dragon is different from the later works of Konjac. It has no wings. However, as the father of the dragon, Groudon has no less than the blackmail of Sauron. He led the vanguard of the evil side and started the Battle of Bangorah, which reversed the situation and broke through the encirclement of the elves. However, the first appearance of this dragon was quite disgraceful. Not long after his birth, Gloron ran out of the nest and challenged the elves. However, after gaining a little bit of exploits, Groulong was besieged by the archers led by the elf prince Fingon. Because the armor had not yet grown, he was hit hard and fled.

The bleak ending of the Groudon debut show is related to the slow growth rate of the dragon. And this can even be said to be the biggest flaw in this race.

In the “The Song of Ice and Fire”, which has not yet been produced by George R. R. Martin, the dragon as a weapon of war has taken the greatest martial arts. Unlike Tolkien’s dragon, Martin’s dragon has only four limbs, and the wings grow on the forelegs, similar to bats. In the famous conquest war, one hundred years after the end of the catastrophe, the “conqueror” Ignam Tanglelian I tried to unify the unsuccessful city-state, and took two sisters and wives to lead the weakest of less than 2,000. The troops launched an offensive against the seven kingdoms of Westeros. According to common sense, such an attack is naturally a banyan tree. However, Irun had weapons that the enemy could not think of: three huge dragons – they were the only dragons in the world at the time. Under the dragon flame that almost melts everything, six of the seven kingdoms bend their knees one after another. The conquest was reached, and the rumor that “the dragon has three heads” was created.

However, after only 100 years, the last dragon died during the reign of Emperor Izu III. This dragon is no longer like its ancestor, with a small body and a shrinking wings. Only five undecided dragon eggs were born before death. The Tangerian family’s taming technique was not good. After conquering the war, they had produced at least 19 dragons, but the dragon’s body type was smaller than the first generation. Bachelors believe that the dragons that originate in the continent of Ossos need the sky, but the Tangerian family always keeps the dragons indoors, thus causing the degradation of this species. However, some people believe that the demise of the dragon is the conspiracy of the scholars. In any case, the creature of the dragon is extinct.

Until the arrival of “Dragon’s Mother” Danielis Tanglelian.

The mother of the dragon and the rebirth of the dragon. Note that the dragon wings in “Song of Ice and Fire” are born on the forelegs, like bats.

The era of the five-color dragon

Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series and the “Song of Ice and Fire” by Hang Shen are the works that the two dragon researchers must read one morning and one night. But to have a deeper understanding of the dragon, you need to study the desktop RPG game “Dragon and Dungeons” and its surrounding books. Among them, the “Long Gun Chronicles” is the most important. The influence of this book even surpasses the running group lovers, and together with D&D, it affects the whole contemporary fantasy culture.

In the world of “Dragon Gun”, the dragon is divided into evil multicolored dragons and justice metal dragons. The main gods of both sides also have the incarnation of the dragon: the evil spirits return to the empty dragon Taksis and the gods white gold dragon Paladin . But outside of them, there are third-party neutral gods that form a stable triangle. At the beginning of the distant creation, Taksis and Paladin jointly created colorful dragons: Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon and White Dragon, each with different abilities. But the god of goodness is not prepared, and the mother of darkness injects the evil atmosphere into the body of the colorful dragon. Paladin was sad, and the god of the god of forgiveness, Li Oaks, in order to comfort him and balance, he made five metal dragons, namely Jinlong, Yinlong, Bronze Dragon, Brass Dragon and Red Copper Dragon (notable, according to The authors record that the brass dragons fly fast and love to inquire about the roots of the gossip. They have become smaller and degenerate in the next generation, and finally became the “reporter” race).

“Dragon Gun” is an extended novel of “Dragon and Dungeons”, which has provided background stories for countless runners. But as long as it is a game, it is necessary to discuss balance. The philosophical foundation of the entire “Dragon Gun” series is balance. Thus, the end of the evil civilization is in the most powerful and excessively powerful moment of the good camp; therefore, the heroes in the story are real civilian heroes, they are not as brave and intelligent as the heroes in The Lord of the Rings. Limited, full of shortcomings, but also full of entanglements. But because of this, the whole story has a sense of substitution, and it is even more touching when the hero sacrifices. No readers will forget the paladin Shidong, a good old man who has to keep the creed of the knight and often has to break the creed of the creed. He died in the old lover’s dragon riding Chitila’s men. Before the sacrifice, he knew that death was coming, but there was nothing. Fear and be generous to death.

Stone Fall, author: Master Crona

The best absorption of the dragon gun’s settings, perhaps Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft.” After several generations of “Warcraft” background shaping and compatibility with various fantasy settings, in the story of “World of Warcraft”, the world of players fighting has formed. In WOW, the dragon also has five colors. But at the beginning of the story, these five dragons are kind. The most interesting thing is that the WOW dragon and the dragon in the dragon gun series can reach a certain level and can be transformed into a lower elf or human appearance, and build a super friendship with these two-legged creatures.

Dragon’s soft and thoughtful thoughts

If the novel related to the dragon is the most weird, it is the “fangs and claws” written by the female writer Zhou Wharton. In this novel, the dragon is not a war weapon driven by humans or other creatures. They are the protagonists of the story themselves. This novel is simply a romance novel of the Victorian background, except that the human beings in the story have to be transformed into dragons.

In this novel, after the dragon is old, their bodies are left as legacy to future generations, because only by eating the dragon meat, the dragon can grow up quickly and become stronger. What if there is a contradiction between the generations of the elders’ body distribution? Ask a lawyer to go to court – yes, the lawyer is also a dragon. In the story, there are not only lawyers, but also lords, pastors, farmers, etc., which is a replica of human society. What about humans in the story? The army of the Victorian guns was used as a beast in the dragon society.

The most interesting thing is that the female dragon in “The fangs and claws” will become pink as long as it is touched by the male. Around this detail, the author arranged many conflicts. This is simply a great mockery of the human virgin complex.

Canines and claws

The other “Ice Dragon” with the dragon as the main character is simply a fairy tale. The little girl made friends with the monster ice dragon, but in a troubled world, the kings led the fire dragon knight to kill and kill, until they killed the little girl’s home. At this time, the ice dragon came forward… Guess, who is the author of this story? “Pit God” George R.R. Martin. This guy’s text is too broad, and it is no wonder that “The Song of Ice and Fire” is written so slowly.

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