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Easter eggs, can you still play like this?

“Is this movie an ‘egg egg’?” At the end of the movie, we often hear people ask friends around us. The “egg” mentioned here usually refers to hidden fragments after the completion of the credits. In a variety of computer games or programs, designers often embed different hidden information as “eggs.” This kind of egg-laying …


Professional chess players lose to Google Go AI, what do the people in the world of chess say?

“When the computer is against Li Shizhen, I can’t get the upper hand. I doubt it.” “If AlphaGo lost to Li Shizhen in March this year, we will be very disappointed.” For the AI “AlphaGo” defeated professional fan Fan, and the challenge in March this year Korean chess player Li Shizhen, the designers of the chess world and the designers of AlphaGo seem to have different views.


iPad changes guitar in one second

You may have played the piano or guitar with the iPad long ago, but the electronic instrument maker Harvey Starr converted the iPad into a real instrument called iTar. If you are flexible with other music applications, iTar can also be a mobile recording console, a guitar introduction tool, and even a “guitar hero.”