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Where does the 1000 trillion diamond come from?

“Reproduce the day, trillions of carats of diamonds, 3000 years of immortal giant mines, Ula!” Siberian snow can not hide a terrible national treasure. How exactly this diamond-filled diamond is formed, how it will affect the pattern of world diamond trading, please follow the natural control to witness the world’s largest treasure of wealth!


“Earthquake Early Warning” in Japan

The 6.5 level in Ludian, Zhaotong, Yunnan, once again touched the hearts of the people of the country. Some progress compared with the past is that some areas received earthquake warning information before the earthquake. The shell net invites the shell user “I am a forensic doctor” who lives in Japan to tell his experience in earthquake prevention and how to use the time provided by the earthquake warning to escape for a few seconds to tens of seconds.