Calculus formula in erotic movie

Godard once said: A movie only needs a girl and a gun.

However, everyone later understood that it was only for the theme of killing and robbery such as the killer is not too cold, the fallen angel. In fact, in addition to girls, a movie can be replaced by a gun. For example, a girl and a pair of scissors, a girl and a multi-layered dream, a girl and a car, a girl and a cat, blabla.

(btw, please check the number above.)

And, a girl and a mathematical formula – right now I want to introduce a 26-point short film Rite of Love and Math. Obviously, its title and the Rite of Love and Death of Mishima are only two letters different, and it is impossible to get rid of the relationship. The two related films were recently packaged in a movie theater in California, and the director and starring Edward Frenkel stood up and said, um, I have a dream: let the public know about we worship we mathematicians!

However, Edward Frenkel is a restless master. He worked at the University of California at Berkeley and studied under the famous mathematician and differential geometry representative Israel Gelfand. His interest in recent years is in the direction of supersymmetry and quantum physics, chords. On the subject of the Langlands geometry, the leader of the character Edward Witten collaborates, in any case, a well-known figure in the mathematics world. Three years ago, on a trip to Paris, Frenkel met French director Reine Graves. Two people somehow talked about Japanese writer Mishima Yukio. The great idea was born in the chat.

Mishima published the novel “The Ceremony of Love and Death” in 1961, namely Rite of Love and Death, and later directed a film of the same name, which was publicly shown in 1966. This is the only film work he has produced and directed. The male protagonist in the film finally died of laparotomy. After 4 years, the director himself committed suicide by laparotomy, so this movie is considered a “suicide trailer.” At that time, the film company followed the advice of Mrs. Mishima and collected and destroyed the film in full. It was re-examined in 2005 before it was released again.

Rite of Love and Death tells the story of Japanese military martial arts Wushan and his wife. Rite of Love and Math also used this shell to tell a love tragedy: a mathematician and beautiful Japanese girl Mariko got into a sly extramarital affair. As time went on, I had to make a break, so when I first met Mariko, the mathematician left the magical “love formula” in the tattoo on the lover, as a witness to love, and they also understood very well. After that, it is a farewell. The formula that the male protagonist finally engraved on the beautiful skin of the heroine is from a quantum field theory paper published by the male protagonist in 2006.

He repeatedly emphasized in the interview that he hopes that after reading this film, people can feel that “a mathematical formula is like a poem and a piece of music”, and it can also deeply understand the mathematician’s incomparable love for his career.

I want to come, no matter who he is, when I see the following scene, I can’t help but feel my heartbeat.

Because Frenkel was very handsome, the short video was quickly transmitted to Youtube, and immediately received hundreds of thousands of hits, and rave reviews, some even praised him as a rock star. Some of his young colleagues are happy to see a senior senior on the screen naked, feeling very interesting, and the motivation to study mathematics has increased. Many media reports on this topic under the heading “Mathematician Shooting Erotic Films” or “Looking for climax in calculus”. After Frenkel heard these comments, he was estimated to be very gratified. Therefore, he has always been stunned by movies such as “Beautiful Mind” and related to mathematicians. They often describe them as mental patients. Most young people will not want to go to see them. Follow such an “idol”.

The film was supported by the Paris Mathematical Foundation and was presented at the Poincaré College in Paris and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Tokyo. It was also presented at the Sitges International Film Festival in Spain. Of course, the people who questioned them are not without. The other investor feels that it has over-expressed the comparability between the female body and mathematics and has withdrawn from the offense. The famous blog Not Even Wrong commented on the blog post and congratulated them on finding such a unique way to make mathematics look interesting and attract media appreciation. I don’t know if it will cause controversy about the scale of artistic expression. I have never thought about mathematics and I have to use it like this.

Similarly, as a feminist, I don’t have to be able to participate in the full appreciation of Rite of Love and Math, and not to mention that the scene is too hot or unpleasant, just vaguely feel the same as “Pillow Book” Orientalism is very sad, but anyway, I like to see interesting people doing interesting things.

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