Butterfly’s light and shadow magic “hand”

Legend has it that the butterfly is the embodiment of beauty: Zhuang Sheng is fascinated by it in his dreams, and the love of Liang Zhu is perfect because of it; it is a lingering plaque, and it is also the song of the spring. For thousands of years, people have praised its moving dance and its colorful colors. But do you know that it hides the hidden secrets under the shadow?


Why are humans not immortal?

The 2014 Jiangsu Volume College Entrance Examination article discusses the issue of immortality. No one is immortal, but why? Obviously not violating any laws of physics, why can’t it be achieved? The reason, in the final analysis, is because we are the product of evolution.


Easter eggs, can you still play like this?

“Is this movie an ‘egg egg’?” At the end of the movie, we often hear people ask friends around us. The “egg” mentioned here usually refers to hidden fragments after the completion of the credits. In a variety of computer games or programs, designers often embed different hidden information as “eggs.” This kind of egg-laying …